It was delicious, More cake please

We love it when expectations are met and memories are made. We pride ourselves in the way we deliver our services to our clients and it makes us even prouder wren there’s no glitch. Today’s feedback is one of many that shows that we constantly seek to put smiles on the faces of our customers. Whether it’s cakes or confectionaries, you’re sure to get value for your time and money. You’ll even come back asking for more.  

Mon’Amour is filled with love and we spread that love with every taste bud satisfied and heart pleased. If you haven’t tried any, you’re missing out. When you do, you’ll be saying “more cake please” What’s your special love story and how do you want to celebrate it. Let’s bake and deliver a package filled with love, it’ll warm your heart. 

Get a special gift when you tell us your love story. Your story may well be featured on our blog. Start here. Don’t forget your feedback is important to us because we go through every one to help us improve our services. You’re the star in our story of love. Well, until the next feedback, maybe yours, don’t forget to make yourself happy by ordering now. 


A mother’s might, a lover’s bite

It was her first time baking a cake on her own. She had gone through rigorous training for months and she was mostly involved with other team members. There, she was closely monitored and there was no margin for errors. Her boss, as she would most times call her, was kind. Most of their time together was filled with happiness and she always had a great time learning. 

They had met the previous year when she was attending her friend’s birthday party. The event was well organized with food and drink flying everywhere. And of course, there was cake. The celebrant had ordered a red velvet cake and her ushers went around serving plates of the cake. 

‘Ma’am, would you like to have some cake?”. The usher asked

“Yes please”. She answered, collecting the plate from her hand. 

She settled the plate down at her table and took a piece in her mouth with the fork in her hand. She was hooked. She could not believe her taste buds. She had tasted cake before but this time it was different. She took one more bite and her eyes lit up once more. Time and time again, she would perform the same operation and just smile at the delicious sensation she felt in every bite. 

She beckoned the usher for another plate, this time she asked the usher for the name of the baker. She loved it! She wanted more, she would spend the next week ordering cakes for herself and all her loved ones. The usher went in to get the baker

“Mon’Amour cakes and confectionaries, how can I be of service, ma’am?”

“I want more”

She didn’t just love it though, she connected with the baker and in a few weeks, she would take out time to go learn from Mon’Amour. The experience for her was inspired by her love for how the cake at the party turned out and she just wanted to learn how. The opportunity finally presented itself to bake something on her own. Her son’s birthday was approaching. 

“Mummy, will you bake me a cake?” He had asked, a few weeks before. 

She challenged herself to get all the ingredients she would need to make her own special cake. One truly inspired by her love for Mon’Amour and the first bite she took that day. Cake day eventually came and while she was nervous, she would go at this with all her might. She gathered all her ingredients, whipped some flour and eggs just as she was taught and with due diligence, checking the oven at intervals, her cake was finally ready. 

“Come take a bite Ayo”, she called to him from her kitchen

One bite, and his face lit up just the way hers did the first time, she was happy, she had baked a Mon’Amour cake and it was filled with love.  “It’s perfect Mama” he answered muffly as he let every delicious sensation rock his taste buds

I want a big heart cake, with lots of love inside

Tomi’s call to us was one she was planning for a while and to her, it was the last piece to complete her big surprise. She was going all out this time and she was very happy about it. 

She told us a story of how she had met her husband on one trip to dubai where she went to pick up supplies for her business. She mentioned how she had run into trouble trying to ship her goods down to Nigeria and how a stranger helped her through it. He was her helper or so she called him and they exchanged contacts and got talking. She got very fond of him as he also returned to the country and they spent quite a lot of time together. She called him “the perfect gentleman”. You can be sure that she didn’t stop singing his praises. 

She mentioned a spectacular evening out with him which she thoroughly enjoyed and he knelt down to propose to her. It was a big diamond ring and she loved every inch of it. He was always caring for her and it gave her goosebumps that he would ask her to marry him. Of course, her wedding was the talk of the town and she has now been married for over 6 years.  His 40th birthday was coming up and she was so stoked. She had a big plan to surprise him and she wasn’t even playing. Tomi wanted a huge cake and oh yes, we baked a huge heart and filled it with so much love to cater for a whole nation.  Everything had to be perfect, she wanted to celebrate his birthday but more importantly, her love for him. Her heart was big and filled with love and she wanted to show that to him. Of course, we called it, it’s a celebration of love. 

Tomi’s story inspired us to push the limits to give her the perfect cake for her event. One to complete her big surprise. Within allotted time, her cake was ready for delivery. Her eyes lit up when she saw the beautiful cake and she wouldn’t stop talking about how refreshingly delicious every bite was. The cake was the icing on the cake for her event. A cake filled with love, who would have thought? But we did it, because we love what we do and there’s no limit to what you can do for the ones you truly love.  


Mon’Amour A celebration of love.

It is commonplace to say that love conquers all and our story is one of love. Love that stood its ground in the face of challenges and makes everyone smile in the end. It’s a true story filled with passion and willpower and it’s one that defines our brandGrowing up as a member of a skill oriented family, where having a degree was good but having a back up skill was prevalent, a passionate baker had to pick up her pans and bake her way to success. She took on rigorous training sessions  to help solidify her skills. 


She went on to bag a degree and of course, her skills showed up to create a side income stream to help support her when she eventually landed a job as a nurse. While she catered to the needs of her patients, she was a caterer to the needs of her customers. Baking sumptuous cakes was her pride and she loved it with all her heart. Leaving the job was easy, but starting out a business was hard. She was ready to follow her dreams as a baker to bring smiles and satisfaction to the faces of her customers. She believed in her business and she was ready to put in the work. 


Her love for baking would see her through whatever challenges she had to face and help her establish a well known brand. This love is shown in every layer of her brand, it’s a good mix of passion and desire for leaving sweet tastes and memories in the minds of her customers. Mon’Amour means My love. It’s a true reflection of our love for what we do and why we do it. We want our customers to come in and experience a moment of love that stays with them forever. Every confectionary is baked with love and packaged with care, why? It’s because every taste is a story of love. A true story of love

So, what’s your love story? Are you a man in love? Show that love by ordering sweet loaves of goodness for that special woman. Show your mom love by celebrating her next birthday with sumptuous delicacies that will leave a memorable taste to celebrate an eventful year. Share a cake moment with all your friends as you plan that next hangout. Celebrate love, celebrate life, be in the moment and share a sweet loaf. Have you had a taste of love? We mean this in every literal sense. Don’t believe us? Let’s make a cake